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RBD Palm Stearin

Just like all vegetable fats and oils, Palm Stearin is triglyceride. Triglyceride refers to three linked fatty acids that are joined with ester bonds. The palm stearin contains huge characteristics of oleic acid (20-35%) and palmitic acid (50-68%).

Other fatty acids that are comprised in palm stearin are linoleic acid, myristic acid, and stearic acid.  The acid composition makes it rich and fit for human consumption.

As RBD is mentioned, the palm oil is manufactured with refining, bleaching and deodorizing processes. After the completion of this process, the output is subjected to fractionation at lower temperatures for subsequent filtration and crystallization.

There are two types of oil for generated solid and liquid. The solidified protein and fraction rich portion is known as Palm stearin, while the liquid portion is termed as Palm Olein.

Applications and Properties

RBD Palm Stearin is a solid material product that has a pale whitish tone at room temperature. The melting point lies between ranges of 47-54 degree Celsius.

Palm Stearin has a plethora of applications that makes it a superior choice. It contains a high number of healthy fats that make it suitable for human consumption. These fats are a major source of energy, so using this in kitchen preparations is always advised.

Also RBD Palm Stearin has been greatly utilized in the Oleo-chemical industries for the production of animal feed, cosmetics and other derivatives like soap, paint dyes, and lubricants.

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Since the beginning, delivering quality and customer satisfaction were our only objectives. And with time, we have enjoyed huge customer satisfaction and positive response. Palm stearin produced by us is tested rigorously on various protocols that mark it safe as an edible.

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