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RBD Palm Olein

RBD Palm Olein is obtained by the fractionation of palm oil with the help of crystallization at room temperature (20C).  This form of palm oil is most suitable for deep frying and other cooking activities. The major application of RBD Palm Olein incorporates frying of doughnuts, potato chips, instant noodles, and as household cooking oil.

This Palm Oil is totally cholesterol free and contains a decent amount of Vitamin E and D. It is highly stable against oxidation and has many health related benefits due to a balanced composition. Some edible emulsifiers are added along with permitted flavors and colors to get a desired final product that is fit for cooking related applications.

Palm Oil industry has faced a tremendous growth in recent years, as it is suitable for most frying activities. Nearly all food manufacturers choose RBD Palm Olein to carry out frying activities, because it doesn’t interfere with the flavor and keeps all the natural properties of the food intact.

Some major countries are only dependent on import of RBD palm olein as it has become their daily requirement.

Palm Oil Suppliers- the Global Suppliers of RBD Palm Olein

We are the first choice of many companies when it comes to trading palm oil at global levels and importing it. Our oil plants are capable to produce a large volume of oil on regular basis to satisfy the requirements of food manufacturers.

As soon as we get your order, we start processing it and make sure to deliver it at the earliest. Importing palm oil is now easier, just tap the “Contact Us” button and get a complete quotation for placing your order. On receiving a successful order, we will start packaging and will ship it on the mentioned details.

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