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RBD Palm Oil

RBD stands for Refined, Bleached and Deodorized palm oil which is manufactured by crushing and squeezing the palm fruit. This form of palm oil is fit for cooking as it goes through the refinement process.

It is liquid fraction oil that is obtained by the fractioning of crystallized palm oil at room temperature. Most of the companies prefer to choose RBD oil for producing washing powders, soaps and other hygiene related products because of its natural properties and zero side effects.

RBD Palm Oil has a superior oxidative stability value and that makes it the perfect oil for cooking and frying ready-to-eat food items. Along with this, this category of palm oil is known for its non sticky and non interfering nature.

The food items fried in palm oil have no impact on their taste, instead freshness is added. Also, there is no specific fragrance added and that is something why food industries choose Refined Palm Oil over other oil options.

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