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Palm Kernel Stearin

Palm Kernel Stearin is the solidified fraction that is extracted with the help of fractioning palm oil. It is a form of completely refined vegetable oil that does not contain any traces of flavors and odors. Kernel Sterin is basically used for obtaining PMF (Palm Mid Fractions) that blends easily with other vegetable oils of same fraction to produce vanaspati, shortenings and other products.

Kernel Stearin can also be termed as a natural rock in hardened form that is used in trans-free fat production. A major portion of industry that deals in candies and other confectionary products rely on RBD Palm Kernel Stearin to manufacture their products.

Our RBD Kernel Stearin is fit for:

  • Production of chewing candies
  • Production of chocolate caramels
  • A substitute for dairy butter in the production of butterscotch
  • Chocolate bar molding

Palm Oil Suppliers is a major player in the supply industry of RBD kernel Stearin. We produce a number of products that are derivative of palm oil and can be used in cooking and other industrial applications.

Our miller processes are designed specifically to produce high quality products and as per client requirements. We pack Kernel Stearin in sturdy and flexible boxes to make sure that there is no possible puncture during the shipment.

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