The substantial fraction obtained while processing palm oil is RBD Palm Kernel Stearin. It is partially crystallized at room temperature. The RBD palm kernel stearin is useful in achieving the PMF. It is useful in a blended form with vegetable oils for shortening the emulsification process.

Besides that, this palm kernel stearin is a natural stock that helps in producing trans-fat. Moreover, it has excellent properties that suit non-food commercial applications, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics products manufacturing.

The Nutritional Facts of RBD Palm kernel stearin


Unlike other palm oil fractions, it contains Vitamin A, D, and E, protein, linoleic acid, and derivatives of Vitamin K. Apart from these, there is 50% saturated palmitic acid, 40% monounsaturated oleic acid, and 10% polyunsaturated fats.

The best thing about the presence of palmitic acid is it doesn’t contribute to cholesterol and aids for essential health benefits. It is neutral and never increases the level of blood cholesterol. Thereby improves heart functioning.


Like other palm oils, this RBD palm kernel stearin is also free from cholesterol. This cholesterol-free palm kernel stearin is useful in many product manufacturing industries. Because of its solid consistency and cholesterol-free quality, it applies its use to various confectionery products.

However, it is also useful as fuel, lubricant, soap, surfactant, paint, insecticide, and some other products.


The RBD palm kernel stearin is easy to digest and doesn’t accumulate as stored fat in the body. It is free from trans-fat and zero cholesterol.

It has many uses in food manufacturing industries. These may include candies, chocolate moulding, and many other food products.

Uses of RBD Palm kernel stearin

The palm kernel stearin is applicable in non-food sectors, especially in detergents and soap production. However, some studies also show that it is also useful in pharmaceuticals products and the oleochemical industry.

Cosmetics application

The palm kernel stearin’s waste product such as kernel shells, the fibre of mesocarp, fruit bunches, and palm trunks apply in the manufacturing of cosmetic product application.

However, the splitting process derives some fatty acids. And these are widely applicable in rubber processing, candles manufacturing, compact, and lipstick formation.

Non-Food Application

Nearly 70% of the RBD palm kernel stearin is useful in the manufacturing of non-food applications. This is perhaps the most widely growing sector of the industries. It has an excellent demand for palm oils and palm kernel stearin.

It is well-known applied in the formation of the soaps, detergents, alkyl esters, fatty acids. Besides this, it is also widely used in the cleansing and washing agents, plastics formations, and lubricants.

However, the best thing about this oil is that it is entirely non-toxic and biodegradable. Thus, disposing of it is quite natural and eco-friendly. Despite this, it applies to raw material purposes also.

RBD Palm Kernel Stearin as Biodiesel

With the increasing demand for palm kernel stearin, the production of the palm methyl esters is enhancing. These palm kernel methyl esters act as biodiesel, which can be the diesel’s best alternative.

Thus, buses, taxis, tractors, engines, and cars that run on diesel widely accept it. However, a case study indicates that the engine that runs on palm methyl ester biodiesel has excellent efficiency. It produces less smoke as compared to the engines that run on diesel.

Moreover, it helps in reducing the content of nitric oxides, hydrocarbon, sulfur dioxide, and carbon monoxide. And that makes it an eco-friendly fuel.

And the best part is fuel consumption is equal to the diesel consumption in vehicles. Also, you don’t need to do any modification in the engines, as it is already in a usable format.

Additionally, it doesn’t create any harmful fumes like petrol and diesel. It is highly biodegradable and can degrade up to 98% in just three weeks.

In Malaysia, the above vehicles run on the biodiesel obtained from the palm kernel stearin. While some run on the mixture of biodiesel and this well known as Envodiesel in Malaysia.

The green fuel or biofuel also enhances the production of the palm trees due to its more extensive application. Therefore, Malaysia sets up the global standards of palm oil and its products.

Anti-caking Agent

The derivatives of fatty acids and amides obtained from the manufacturing of palm kernel stearin are extensively useful. They are helpful in the mining industry as biocides, anti-caking agents, road buildings, and some other industrial applications.

Other Applications of RBD Palm Kernel Stearin

The RBD palm kernel stearin is also known as a natural hardening agent, to produce the trans-free fat. However, the production of candies, chocolate caramel, dairy butter formation, and butterscotch take the significant proportion of this RBD palm kernel stearin rock.

Moreover, this is used in chocolate bar molding too. The reason behind this is it can easily blend with some other oils. These may include vegetable oils and others that emulsify the fat and make it hard.

The Manufacturing Process of the RBD Palm Kernel Stearin

The partial crystallization of the substantial fraction at the controlled temperature helps to manufacture the RBD palm kernel stearin. It has a high melting point and doesn’t contain any flavors.

The natural fraction of the crude palm oil derives the stearin that involves cooling and pressing stages. Once passing through this stage, we obtain the pure palm kernel stearin.

Final Thoughts

The RBD palm kernel stearin is widely acceptable in almost every industrial sector. Be it cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, food, and other industries. It works well in every industrial area.

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