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RBD Palm Kernel Olein

Palm Kernel Olein is manufactured from the kernel of palm fruits. These palm fruits are rich in oil capacities, so the oil extracted is of high quality and high quantity. It has significantly different properties from basic palm oil. Palm Kernel Olein has similar properties as coconut oil and share almost the same composition.

RBD (Refined, Bleached and Deodrized) Kernel Olein is also extracted with the help of complete mechanical processes. The kernels are first pre-dried by allowing them to pass through a partial vacuum. The resultant oil is of extreme quality and is free from fatty acids.

The color is light yellowish before refinement. After refining, the oil becomes paler and is best suitable for both inedible and edible processes.

Kernel Olein has a steep melting profile and high melting point which makes it perfect as a coating for chilled and frozen products like ice creams.

Applications of RBD Palm Kernel Olein:

  • It is used on a large scale as confectionary coatings.
  • Due to high melting point, it becomes fit for deep frying.

We produce quality rich RBD Palm Kernel Olein

The markets are flooded with various qualities of Kernel Olein. But we believe in customer satisfaction and that’s why we produce qualities that are beyond par.

All the products manufactured in our oil mills are of excellent quality and affordable at the same time. We are catering our clients with their bulk requirements, while delivering them what they need.

Kernel olein manufactured by us has high oxidation stability and sustains a longer shelf life. We are all time ready to assist you with sample details and price quotations. Get in touch with us and speak to our executives for further clarifications on the whole process.

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