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RBD Palm Kernel Oil

Palm Kernel Oil contributes a lot to the cosmetic, soap and food industries. The kernel oil is produced by refining, bleaching and deodorizing the extract that is obtained from the kernels of palm tree.

Refining process that is used to remove the impurities is totally chemical free. The residual oil after the refinement is off-white in color and there is no specific odor and flavor.  Palm Kernel oil is generally rich in fatty acids that are saturated.

The saturated fats are responsible for high melting point, that’s why at room temperature Kernel oil remains solid. It is stiff in nature and contains a huge proportion of lauric acid.

Palm Kernel oil is used widely in industries that manufacture dessert coatings, confectionary fats, ice creams, and other soft fillings.

At room temperature, kernel palm oil is more saturated than regular palm oil and coconut oil.

Palm Oil Suppliers deals in RBD Palm Kernel Oil and its derivatives

When it comes to palm oil and its derivative products, it’s hard to match our quality standards. We have maintained a quality level that is totally satisfactory and is budget friendly.

Oils manufactured by us have great benefits for health. These oils have zero or very less cholesterol which is another added benefit. Before shipping the products, these are clinically tested and passed through various processes before reaching you. Customers can directly contact us for Kernel Palm oil shipments. Our warehouses are advanced and loaded with facilities to cater customer needs on local and global levels.

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