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Palm Kernel Meal

Palm Kernel expeller or the palm kernel meal is one of the most important feeding ingredient that is obtained from the by-product of Palm Oil Kernels. Palm Kernels are highly rich in oil properties and saturated fat concentration. This feed is prepared from the flesh of kernels that are highly nutritive and contains elements that are beneficial for the cattle.

Not only humans, palm oil has great benefits for animals also. Palm Kernel Meal is a brownish feed that has huge fiber and oil levels. It can be said that Kernel meal is a balanced source of fat and protein.

The huge amount of fiber levels is advantageous when given as a diet substitute to the cattle. This means that it is completely safe and there is no risk of acidosis.

How to use Palm Kernel Meal?

  • Kernel meal can be directly added to the diet of dairy cows, sheep, poultry, and beef cattle.
  • The level of palm meal depends on the age and feeding rate of the animal.

We produce metric tons of Kernel Meal everyday

Palm Oil Suppliers are not only a reputed name when it comes to palm oil, but also we are recognized for our qualitative kernel meal. We choose the best kernel fruits to extract palm oil and as a result, the kernel meal is also nutritive and fibrous.

Meal produced by us is tested as safe for consumption so our clients can rest assure that they are feeding the right product to their animals.

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